You Can Find Relief From Your Indoor Allergies in Katy, TX

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Have you noticed that your allergies only seem to act up when you're at home or the office? Your ventilation system could be spreading around dust, pet dander or pollen. Contact Air Rescue USA for indoor air quality services.

For years, we've been installing air filtration systems at residential and small commercial properties in the Katy, TX area. Tell us about your air quality issues and budget. We'll find an affordable solution.

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Comparing air filtration systems is a breeze

Comparing air filtration systems is a breeze

Why spend hours researching air filtration systems when you can ask an expert for personalized advice? An HVAC contractor at Air Rescue USA can recommend humidifiers or purifiers based on your…

  • Budget: We’re familiar with the leading brands and can point you to cost-effective makes and models.
  • Property size: We can install specialty filters in your air vents or ducts to purify the air in problem areas.
  • Air quality issues: We’ll find a solution to your mold, pet dander or pollen problem.

There are so many air filtration systems available on the market, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Call 281-371-2011 today to explore your options with an expert in Katy, TX.