Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is the Secret to a Longer-Lasting Unit

Make us your favorite HVAC maintenance service in Katy, TX

With proper maintenance, the average furnace can last 20 years, and the average central air conditioner can last 15 years. When you need a dependable HVAC maintenance service to keep your unit running efficiently for years to come, turn to Air Rescue USA in Katy, TX.

We’ve been in business for over a decade and rely on a seasoned team. Hire us to…

  • Clean your ducts
  • Install an air filtration system
  • Provide proactive heating or cooling repairs

When was the last time you scheduled preventive HVAC maintenance services? If it’s been at least a year, call Air Rescue USA at 281-371-2011 now.

Got dust in your ducts?

Got dust in your ducts?

If your vents look dusty or you’re dealing with indoor allergies, get in touch with an HVAC maintenance service based in Katy, TX. Our experts will…

  • Find out where the dust is and how it got there
  • Clean your ducts to remove the dust
  • Recommend ways to avoid dust buildup

If we find mold in your ducts, we can put you in touch with a specialist.

You’ll breathe easier after getting preventive HVAC maintenance work at your home or office space. Contact us today to make an appointment.