Indoor Air Quality Testing in Katy, TX

Do your allergies act up when the air conditioner kicks on? Are you having a huge problem with dust blanketing your home? Does your air feel or smell stale? Problems like these are the first signs that you need indoor air quality testing in Katy, TX. Contact Air Rescue USA and let us give you insight into the quality of your forced air.

What’s in Your Air?

Filter replacement

Some airborne particles are easy to see, like the dust that forms after a few days of not cleaning. Others are harder to spot, like the pollen that makes you sneeze from day-to-day. Until you schedule a home air quality test in Katy, TX, it’s hard to tell what’s contaminating your air! Some of the most common contaminants include:

  • Dust, dirt and other microscopic debris
  • Pollen and other histamines
  • Pet dander and hair
  • Mold spores or bacteria
  • Smoke particulates

Think of your air as part of a closed circuit—whatever is introduced into it will stay there until it’s removed by a filter or blown out by a duct cleaning. Air quality testing can tell you everything that’s in your air so you know where to start purifying it.

Benefits of Air Quality Testing

Having the results of an air quality test give you a starting point for purifying your air and solving other problems. For example, if you have mold spores in a high concentration, it might be time to call a professional to find and eliminate your mold problem. Likewise, pet hair and dander may mean upgrading to a better furnace filter and changing it more often. You may even want to invest in an air purification system to make sure you’re addressing all air quality issues.

Breathe Deep

If you’re tired of breathing in impure air or dealing with forced air issues caused by airborne contaminants, give Air Rescue USA a call. We’ll provide complete air quality testing for your home and can provide you with advice on next steps so you can get back to breathing clean air once again. Reach us today at 281-827-1809 to schedule an appointment.

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