HVAC Installation & Repair

Don’t sweat the Texas heat—instead, flip the switch and enjoy the reliability and comfort of a well-maintained HVAC system. Air Rescue USA has been providing commercial and residential HVAC installation and repair in Katy, Texas and surrounding areas since 2009. Our mission to help you avoid costly breakdowns and inefficiencies with your HVAC system. Our heating and air conditioning contractors in Katy, TX are honest, friendly professionals that make sure the job is done right the first time. Let us show you the power of a job well done and just how beneficial it is to have a qualified HVAC contractor on your side.

Services include:

✓ Commercial & Residential
✓ Heating & Air Conditioning
✓ New HVAC Installation
✓ HVAC Repairs & Replacements
✓ HVAC Maintenance & Servicing
✓ Scheduled Services


Whether the job is small or large, here at Air Rescue we can handle it. We do a good amount of residential work, however, when it comes to commercial HVAC, we are experts and can handle just about anything. We have been servicing commercial heating and cooling in Katy, Texas and surrounding areas since 2009. So if you are a business and haven't done your annual inspection, contact Air Rescue today, and let handle your commercial HVAC needs.

Services include:

✓ Commercial Heating
✓ Commercial Cooling
✓ Commercial Maintenance
✓ Commercial Installation
✓ Commercial Repair
✓ Emergency HVAC

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